Update Contact Information - Include Comments Field

Include the comments field for phones and emails updated through NXT to allow fundraisers to add a note about when to call or email - or to tie the information to the HOH or spouse. We would like to see this RE 7.95 feature available in NXT.

  • Mary Boechat
  • Sep 14 2016
  • Reviewed: Voting Open
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  • Rowena Ramos commented
    13 May, 2022 09:14pm

    YES! A must!!!

  • Rene Rosengren commented
    10 Nov, 2021 03:23pm

    Blackbaud: Please merge all of the similiar Ideas out there for this:






    I've found 6 & I bet there are more. This is one of the frustrating aspects of the Ideas area. It makes it harder to get Ideas seen because votes are shared across multiple Ideas.

  • Rene Rosengren commented
    10 Nov, 2021 03:18pm

    I agree the comments field is a place to put very helpful info, but that is only viewable in the database view. All of our officers are exclusively using RENXT Webview & I'm very happy about that. The more useful the webview is for them the better!

    I am also using "Phone Type Comments" to store useful info about all of our org's urls on a record for our org. But, in the Web View those comments don't appear with the Online presence links.

  • Nathan Laning commented
    19 Jan, 2021 04:19pm

    We run into issues with this frequently in regard to cell phone numbers. Database view shows which constituent the cell belongs to (constituent vs. spouse), but the valuable comment doesn't appear in NXT for the gift officer to see.

  • Krista Lippert commented
    6 May, 2020 01:44pm

    We really need this added into NXT

  • Guest commented
    22 Apr, 2020 07:33pm

    It is very frustrating not to have any flexibility with phone numbers in RENXT. If a record has two individuals, it is difficult to figure out which number is linked to which individual. One is forced to go to RE to look at the comments.

  • Guest commented
    6 Feb, 2020 07:54pm

    Really need this functionality - we consolidated many of our phone types and now use the comment to delineate the historical information. "Vacation Home" was removed, and is now "Home" but has comment of "Vacation" - we did the same thing for things like "Home Fax", "Business Fax", "Direct Line", etc where the detail of the old type is now living in comments and would be very helpful to have in web view.

  • Wilfred Bailey commented
    31 Jan, 2020 01:52pm

    It could either be implemented as a tooltip (pop-up), or a field when the number is clicked on.

  • Alex Oakley commented
    13 Dec, 2019 03:52pm

    Please make this feature available. Not sure why this is taking so long to implement. 

  • Sunshine Reinken Watson commented
    2 May, 2019 03:54pm

    Please make comments visable. This is very important for our cultivation process and also data health.

  • Christine Bayley commented
    5 Jul, 2018 11:50am

    We use the field in particular for business information, showing which organisation this phone relates to. The org relationship phones are being recorded on Bio 1 now because we can no longer edit phones for the individual constituent in the org relationship record in NXT. 

  • Seymour Kelly commented
    9 May, 2017 02:18pm

    We use the comments as an audit trail for how phone numbers have reached the database and so it would be essential to have this as part of the phones area in NXT